Write Memes

I'll write that assignment for you
Professor: what inspired you to write this essay? Me: The due date.
This assignment isn't going to write itself. Me: well it's going to have to because i'm not writing it
Bro, do you even write
The biggest lie i tell myself is.. I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it.
Writes perfect essay. Over word count.
Just keep writing. Just keep writing.
Me adding nevertheless in my essay for a lil razzle dazzle
Me waiting for the paper to write itself
Write a personal statement. I don't even know who i am anymore
University Memes
I understand nothing
When you actually get out of bed and go to uni for an hour
College is just an endless cycle of cleaning your dorm room instead of doing your assignment in an effort to feel more in control of your life.
I study. I take the test. I pass it. I forget what i learned.
Student drop off. Town landfill
When you start your essay the day its due
If you liked it then you should have put a citation on it
Please state your name,major, and a fun fact about yourself
It's the government's fault i can't find a better job, Major in medieval literature
5 minutes into starting an assignment like... tiredness can kill, take a break
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