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I'll write that assignment for you
Professor: what inspired you to write this essay? Me: The due date.
This assignment isn't going to write itself. Me: well it's going to have to because i'm not writing it
Bro, do you even write
The biggest lie i tell myself is.. I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it.
Writes perfect essay. Over word count.
Just keep writing. Just keep writing.
Me adding nevertheless in my essay for a lil razzle dazzle
Me waiting for the paper to write itself
Write a personal statement. I don't even know who i am anymore
University Memes
Eating in college. Expectations. Reality.
Studying = Student + Dying
When you study a lot but get bad grades and no sleep
That feeling you get when you finish your essay
Wikipedia uni student writing essay Google scholar
Your final answer was correct but you lose points for not working it out in my specific way
When you're trying to get up for uni but your bed won't let you go. Every morning.
Last five minutes of exam
My essay. Turnitin at 11:59 pm. Hey wait! stop! I have garbage!
Writes perfect essay. Over word count.
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