Yourself Memes

When you have to teach yourself the entire subject because the professor is completely useless
Only in University can you go to a lecture and not pay attention at all but still be proud of yourself because at least you went
Please state your name,major, and a fun fact about yourself
University Memes
That moment when you complete your assignment just before the deadline
To study or not to study. That is the question.
When you're writing an essay and trying to hit that 500 word count
9 year old child genius to graduate university with electrical engineering degree. 23 year old me
My freshman year of college. Things i brought with me. Things i need.
Eating in college. Expectations. Reality.
Real life jobs that use Algebra
When the assignment is due Friday but today is Wednesday
Hmmm, i really should start learning, Computer says "No"
Me finishing the semester
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